Program & Speakers

17th East Midlands Proteomics Workshop

Wednesday 24th October 2018, Lincoln University

Provisional Programme

8:30 - 9:30 Registration

Session 1:
Chair: Dave Boocock

09:30    Welcome

09:35    Alex von Kriegsheim, University of Edinburgh: Is amino acid hydroxylation a reversible post-translational modification after all?

10:05    Emma Denham, University of Bath: Solving non-coding RNA functions using (prote)omics

10:35    Rian Griffiths, University of Birmingham (short talk): LESA FAIMS imaging of intact proteins in tissue: The new frontier for in situ proteomics

10:55   Coffee / Tea / Exhibition

Session 2: Chair: Andy Pitt

11:20    Mark Collins, University of Sheffield: Global analysis of S-acylation using quantitative proteomics 

11:50    Sarah Hibbert, University of Manchester: Using bioinformatics to define skin composition

12:20    Gold sponsor presentation: Thermo Scientific

12:35    BMSS and BSPR information

12:40   Lunch / Exhibition /  Poster Session

Session 3
: Chair Debbie Cunningham

13:40    Andy Gill, University of Lincoln: Prions, proteomics and first forays into DIA

14:10    Francis O'Reilly, TU Berlin: Determining protein structures in situ by Cross-linking/mass spectrometry

14.40    Roz Banks, University of Leeds: The challenges with new biomarkers: moving from proteomic discovery towards the clinic            

15:10   Coffee / Tea / Exhibition

Session 4: Chair Alex Jones 

15:35   Gold sponsor presentation: Pharma Fluidics, uPAC separation chip - standardizing towards high resolution LC-MS peptide mapping?

15:50    Rob Layfield: Proteomic Insights into an ancient human bone disease

16:20    Paul Skipp, University of Southampton: The shape of asthma

16:50   Announcement of poster prizes

16:55   Close of meeting

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